LoreeJon’s Pool Tables Plus is proud to offer some of the finest Billiards and Game Room related services available:

Setup/take down/reassemble
Let our trained technicians set up, take down, or reassemble your pool table for you. Do not take the chance of doing it yourself as you can damage the table or break the slate.

Our technicians will come out to your home/business and recover your table with new cloth. Whether your cloth is worn out or you just want a new color

We can move your table from one area to another. Our trained technicians with carefully take your table apart, move it and reset it up. We can also work with a moving company if you are moving to another state.

Crate Slate
Let us crate your slate and get your table ready for a move. We will then recommend another company to put your table together in that state.

Pool Table Cushion Replacement
If you cushions or rails are what we call dead (they don’t bounce anymore) you will need them changed. We can replace your cushions to make your table like new.

Pocket Repair or Replacement
We can repair or replace most pockets.

Insurance Estimates of Game Damage
We work with insurance companies if your game room had flood or fire damage.

Game Room Consultation
We give full consultations on your dream game room.

Cue Stick Repair
We do cue repairs on site such as tips, ferrules, taking nicks out, cleaning the shaft, etc.